Robotic Process Automation

Summer Course 2019

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Exagen Oy has delivered the first international summer course in RPA at the college of applied sciences (XAMK) in Kouvola, Finland.

During the Finnish Summer of 2019, Exagen Oy delivered a new course (5ECTs) to international business students at XAMK, Kouvola. The course provided a comprehensive introduction to bots and robotic process automation including emerging technologies and new applications of AI in areas such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), smart assistants, customer engagement, automation of financial administrative processes, and the collection of business intelligence. The course also included some general digital literacy including search engine optimisation, search algorithms, and the darker side of automation in fake news.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a broad understanding of RPA and its applications
  • Learn fundamental principles of using RPA through practical examples
  • Build a broad appreciation for the context of RPA
  • Increase awareness of current & emerging trends
  • Learn and apply a Growth Hacking methodology to rapid experimentation and business development

We are always learning and the specialist teaching services is one way we are happy to share our knowledge and help develop graduates' ability to shape the changing landscape of digitalization in business.

Some of the supporting online course materials are still available online at The course included novel activities in reconciling payments against a fictional/simulated online bank account, and also exploring social media automation using an open-source social media platform that is very similar to Facebook.

The "Spacebook" was a fun way to introduce some serious material about Robotic Process Automation (RPA), including looking at recent political events and behind the technology that drives fake news. RPA and AI are having a massive impact on business. Is your business ready?

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