Data Analytics

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It's all in the data, if only we could extract it. Structured or unstructured. Text, meta-data, XML, video, images, simulation session recordings. Extracting meaningful insights efficiently, repeatably, and extensibly takes deep expertise.

Whether it's extracting customer engagement metrics from meta-data, physical exercise measures from video, or measures of hand-steadiness from surgical simulations, we provide consultancy and development services for the creation of meaningful, repeatable, metrics.

Extracting meaningful insights from data can be challenging. Partner with us to take your machine-vision systems to the next level. High-performance, state-of-the-art software development is our speciality.

Performance Metrics

Insights into the way users engage with content is a powerful tool for improving user experience and increasing the value creation. Web servers, client-side data capture, and simulation session recordings, all create large volumes of potentially useful data. These data only add value when they are processed and presented in meaningful ways.

A surgical simulation user can benefit from insights into where their skills show room for improvement, and where they are already proficient, so that their simulation-based training can focus on activities that challenge their deficiecies and keep them on a useful part of the learning curve.

A haptic surgical simulation knows everything about the user's interactions. Every force and movement is part of the simulation, and it is only a matter of extracting meaningful insights and presenting them effectively to the trainees and learning facilitators.

Web Analytics

Is your web traffic trying to tell you something? Large numbers of page-views contain insights into your audience and what they are looking for, how they are finding you, and even insights into what they are thinking when they find you. Ensure you capture the referring site, which often includes the search-query used to dicover your site.

We have used web analytics to drive content creation and build effective inbound marketing to grow market leadership. But there is so much more possible with larger datasets. Collecting data increases the potential for tangible benefits, and distilling this data & presenting it to the right audience clearly converts the potential into actual.

Video and Image Processing

What motivates people to be more physically active? How can we tell when an intervention is effective at increasing that motivation? We are working with leading researchers in motivational psychology to create such metrics. Our video processing algorithms measure the movement of persons and present this as a single metric that anyone can use to compare how active people in the video are.

AI Assisted Insights

We prefer to work close-to-metal in C++ or GPU-accelerated with NVidia's CUDA or shader-programs.

Whether it's real-time navigation systems for autonomous drone navigation using SLAM, or creating new methods of data-analytics, Exagen can bring deep technical expertise and applied creativity to your custom machine-vision solution. We leverage state-of-the-art libraries such as OpenCV, or develop custom systems in GPU-accelerated CUDA and/or Compute-Shaders/OpenCL, we can remove bottle-necks and create new opportunities for your image-processing systems.

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