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We have extensive experience in many areas including research and education. Our research specialities utilize custom written software for GPU-accelerated volumetric image analysis and data processing. Our education specialities include developing world leading VR medical training simulations with haptic interfaces and novel real-time physics models that enable unprecedented surgical interactivity, and also simpler training applications that use gamification to motivate student engagement and maximize effective learning.

Director's Note

Awards, research papers, conference talks. These are the instruments of exchange of knowledge for academics and researchers. Today's technology exchanges knownledge faster and further than anything in history. After training for over a decade, and specializing for a decade more. the academic model for sharing innovations has limited impact, whereas a successful product launch can see "viral" growth. Faster, leaner, directly to those who can benefit most. Exagen was founded to step away from acadmic measures of success, to test the real-world value of research innovations and engage directly with users.

Dr Greg Ruthenbeck

PhD in VR Surgical Simulation. Bachelor of Engineering (Honours). Senior Member of the IEEE
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Research Publications

A full list of Greg Ruthenbeck's publications is on his Google Scholar page.

  1. The efficacy of allogeneic mesenchymal precursor cells for the repair of an ovine tibial segmental defect JR Field, M McGee, R Stanley, G Ruthenbeck, T Papadimitrakis, ... Veterinary and Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology 24 (02), 113-121 44 2011

  2. Virtual reality for medical training: the state-of-the-art GS Ruthenbeck, KJ Reynolds Journal of Simulation 9 (1), 16-26 40 2015

  3. Toward photorealism in endoscopic sinus surgery simulation GS Ruthenbeck, J Hobson, AS Carney, S Sloan, R Sacks, KJ Reynolds American journal of rhinology & allergy 27 (2), 138-143 22 2013

  4. Virtual reality surgical simulator software development tools GS Ruthenbeck, KJ Reynolds Journal of Simulation 7 (2), 101-108 18 2013

  5. A virtual-reality subtotal tonsillectomy simulator GS Ruthenbeck, SB Tan, AS Carney, JC Hobson, KJ Reynolds The Journal of Laryngology & Otology 126 (S2), S8-S13 10 2012

  6. A virtual reality throat examination simulation. GS Ruthenbeck, H Owen, KJ Reynolds Studies in health technology and informatics 132, 433-435 8 2008

  7. Comparing surgical experience with performance on a sinus surgery simulator LE Diment, GS Ruthenbeck, N Dharmawardana, AS Carney, CM Woods, ... ANZ journal of surgery 86 (12), 990-995 6 2016

PhD in VR Surgical Simulation. Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (Electrical & Electronic). Senior member of the IEEE. University lecturer of topics such as “Computer Graphics and Interactive Physics”, “Haptic Enabled Systems”, “Computer Programming 2 (C++)”.

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